I’m all set for Emily’s birthday, 5 weeks early!

It’s been a month since I wrote a post about starting to plan Emily’s birthday. Since then, I’ve booked a table for the birthday dinner, confirmed my mum and Leon are coming with their accommodation sorted, friends and family invited and confirmed and birthday presents wrapped, her birthday outfit sorted, and I’ve actually finished the party boxes. I trialled out how one would look today and I’m pleased.

Thankfully with a venue booked, mum’s accommodation sorted for the birthday weekend, friends invited and birthday presents wrapped, I’ve also just done a test run with her birthday boxes for her little guests too – sorry kidults, you’re not included!

Planning a few months in advance afforded me the luxury of being able to look around for the contents and save a little cash too. Apart from 3 items, I bought everything online.


    Punch balloons (10): £1.28 + free delivery (Amazon)
    Heart stickers 2 x 6 sheets: 56p + free delivery (Amazon)
    6 handmade animal crayons £1.99 + £1 P+P (Etsy seller via eBay)
    2 handmade lion crayons £1.99 + £1 P+P (Etsy seller via eBay)
    12 crayons £2 (Poundland)
    12 jungle chocolate biscuits £2 (Poundland)
    12 mini jungle colouring in books £3.53 (Amazon)
    12 Jungle masks £2 (Poundland)
    12 Jungle birthday boxes £3.99 (eBay) free delivery
    12 slinky’s £1.78 (Amazon)
    Pack of cheese straws £6.20 (Amazon)


  • Jungle table confetti: £1.39 + free delivery (eBay)
  • 5 safari animal latex balloons: £1.78 + free delivery
  • Animal jungle safari napkins (16): £1.89 + free delivery (eBay)
  • 15 personalised gingham pink thank you labels: £2.39 +£1.09 P+P (eBay)
  • Animal candles
  • No 2 candle
  • Birthday cake

I’m so excited for her birthday, more so than she probably even realises. Ah! I can’t wait!

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