We have a leftie! ✋🏻

Being a left-hander, I have grown up knowing the struggle us lefties have in a world full of right-handers. According to Anything Left Handed, the world’s first, specialist left-handed shop, in the UK around 13% of men and 11% of women are left-handed.

Since Emily has been able to pick anything up, she’s used her left hand. Depending on the activity Emily may change which hand she uses but more often than not, everything she does is with her left hand – drawing, scribbling, pretending to copy my note taking, playing with toys, but building her bricks or playing with Lego sees her using both hands equally. I suppose hand preference isn’t a bother when either hand is closer to what she needs, that’s convenience more than anything.

Being left handed is unique. There’s only reportedly 10% of us worldwide. There’s always been this ridiculous perception that if your left handed, there’s something not right with you. Sam’s right handed, most of both sides of our family see right handed, but like me, Emily has favoured her left hand. My dad was left handed but forced to write with his right hand as being left handed was considered wrong. But that was a different era. There was a huge prejudice against the awkwardness of being left handed, but thankfully times have changed and utensils amongst many other things are more adaptable for us lefties.

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