Great benefits available at the little bears club at Westwood Cross

Going shopping with children whatever the kind is rarely a fun day out, unless they’re small, like really really small. So when I go to Westwood Cross in Broadstairs, it’s a rarity because Emily isn’t interested in sitting in a pram whilst I browse the aisle in each and every shop, and why should she? I’d probably be bored too.

Shopping in Westwood Cross does cater for all children and usually do offer some good events and activities to keep even the most fussiest child in line.

There’s baby & children facilities on the upper level of the Management Suite as well as Debenhams and M&S, their car parking is always free, even at weekends, most of their restaurants have child-friendly menus and their Vue Cinema, allows families seeing the best family films with both adult and child tickets from only £2.49 per tickets and offer Mini Mornings run every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10am, plus every day in the school holidays.

Some of the benefits including the option to hire a kiddy car, discounts at restaurants and free food at McDonalds. It’s totally FREE to join our Little Bears Kids’ Club. Once you’re a member we’ll email you updates with relevant news, exclusive offers and competitions, details of forthcoming events and other things your family will want to hear about. You’ll also be able to collect a Little Bears Kids’ Club membership card from Guest Services.

If you’re a little stuck with the run up to Christmas and WWX is on your to do list with children under 13 years of age, consider the Little Bears Club. It may work out to be worth your while after all.

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