My mum came to visit in September, it always flies by so quickly!

It’s always nice when family come to visit us down here in Ramsgate. It’s also really nice when my mum comes down too. Mum loves Ramsgate, she’s transfixed by the beauty of the Royal harbour and our magnificent golden sandy beach too. Her and her partner Leon love exploring the various towns and areas around and their last visit meant we visited 3 places in a few days and I think my mum was a little bit in heaven.

In just a few weeks they’ll be down again and it’s crazy to think the last time they visited was back in September. The last time they came they were here for a 4 day weekend. The weather was superb, which is crazy really, seeing as just a few days prior it was horrendous. But I suppose living here in Thanet, or Planet Thanet as the locals link to call it. Mum seems to be a lucky charm when she comes here, she brings a good amount of sunshine and it stayed throughout their visit minus a little strong wind, the sun kept glowing.

When they visited, we explored Sandwich, Deal, Whitstable and Ramsgate again. There’s so many places to explore down here by the coast and it always baffles me when people say they don’t know much about it so stick to their usual haunt in Brighton or Portsmouth.

As always the food was great, the locations too, the sights and the weather. I can’t tell you enough how amazing it is down here. It’s such a picturesque part of Kent.

My mum loved Whitstable, so much so she spent most of time being very occupied in each and every store. Which Emily wasn’t that keen on, she slept part of the high street walking but thoroughly enjoyed the walk and run on the beach.

On their final day we spent more time in the town that I love living in, Ramsgate.

Mum will be back down in a couple of weeks for Emily’s birthday and even though they won’t be visiting as long as the last time, it will be great to see them. Emily’s growing so quickly, time is fast moving and the year is almost up. It will be great to spend some time together, even if short, to celebrate my baby girls 2nd birthday.

Here’s to then.

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