We ate in Travelodge in Bristol’s Patchway and it was horrible.

We were up in Bristol in August visiting Sam’s brother and family. We had thought about trying to see the hot air balloon festival but unfortunately the weather was terrible and that never happened. Instead we spent time chilling out with family and it was good fun, Emily loved hanging out with her cousins too.

We stayed at Travelodge in Patchway, which is difficult to get to if you don’t have a car, it’s a little out of the way. We had a lovely trip and the last night we decided to stay in for dinner at Travelodge’s onsite restaurant and I really wished we hadn’t bothered. Dear God the food was horrendous. We’ve stayed in a few Travelodges in the UK and overall they’ve not been too bad, and on the odd occasion that we’ve eaten in their restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner but never have experienced this sort of bad dining.

Sam and I decided that we’d have the Two Courses for £12 option. We both had the Any Meal & Dessert option and Emily and I had a dessert too. Emily ate for free as that was included in the Two Courses for £12 option.

Sam decided on the hot wings, which was served with what I can assume was a salad garnish but mainly crappy leaves and a tomato.

I had garlic bread, which wasn’t really garlic bread but more soggy butter on bread with a spray of garlic and a bit of parsley flakes over.

For the mains, Sam decided upon a Chicago Town Pepperoni pizza which he enjoyed but couldn’t get his head around on the price, considering they’re about a fiver in the local supermarket.

I had the bacon cheeseburger with skin on fries.

I had asked for crispy bacon as there’s nothing worse than soggy bacon on a burger but it was pretty much burnt to a crisp. So charred bacon and plastic cheese was covered on the not even fresh salad and horrible beef patty.

Probably the only thing appealing about the burger was the beef tomato, that was amazing! The rest, so disappointing.

Even the skin on fries were questionable. Dry, not much taste to a usual skin on chip.

Emily ate the fish fingers with a side of skin on fries and a pot of peas. The peas weren’t eaten. We had asked for cucumber sticks but apparently this wasn’t an option even though we said we’d pay extra. The fish fingers were really soft, barely cooked. We asked them to heat them up and they came out just the same.

For dessert I thought dessert could possibly be better, who could muck up with apple crumble pie, but apparently that can be just as bad.

It was piping hot when it came out but it was so dry and lacked just about everything that an apple crumble delivers. It was hugely disappointing. The ice cream was good though.

Emily had an ice cream sundae with sauce, cream and chocolate buttons but she only decided the eat the buttons.

Overall, we won’t be eating here again. We’re going to Bristol next year but won’t be staying anywhere near Travelodge. The overall stay experience on top of the food experience was horrendously disappointing and it seemed the staff cared so little about it. Besides the drinks, visiting Costa Coffee or Subway next door, sleeping and leaving the premises, the overall room plus everything else was shocking. What a shame because other Travelodge hotels and their staff go above and beyond to help accommodate their guests. It’s a shame but never mind.

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