Emily, how are you 2 already?

My beautiful Emily. How are you 2 already?

I have had mixed emotions of you turning 2 today. It’s scared me, worried me and excited me, above all it’s amazed me. I have had moments of complete madness cooking shepherds pies at 7am, staring at the ceiling late at night pondering how your birthday will go today, which is crazy thinking about it or watching you sleep cuddled in my arms.

To think this time 2 years ago, daddy and I were in QEQM awaiting your arrival and a few hours later, you arrived into this world with a full head of dark brown hair.

I am excited for you turning two, because you have grown so much and I love being with you every step in your journey.

There are so many magical amazing moments that you’re yet to experience and whilst I couldn’t be prouder, I must admit I am kind of sad at how quick you’re growing up, less now my baby and more my toddler. My little girl, you are growing up so fast.

You have amazed daddy and I so much. Your infectious smile and kindness is endless and your hunger to learn and explore is awesome, long may that continue. You are strong minded and independent, something you’ve held onto since you could crawl. You surprise us more and more everyday.

We’re so proud of you.

So what’s next for my little girl?

Now that you’re 2, the sky’s the limit.

What adventures will we go on and explore?

You’ll accomplish great things over the next year, I’m sure of it. Big steps in the shape of nursery next year, which I know you’ll love.

I’m confident that you’ll continue to amaze us and make lots of new friends, whilst you continue to grow in this world.

Who knows what the next year will hold. The opportunities are endless.

But what I do know, is if you’ve learnt anything over the last 2 years, is how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go.

I may be scared of you growing up so fast and you may not be my little baby anymore (although I admit I’ll call you my baby girl for years to come), I know you’ll grow, flourish, learn, laugh, smile and enjoy every step of the way.

Keep doing what you’re doing. We are so proud of you Emily.

On this special day, I hope you know and feel the love that surrounds you. We’ll gather in a few hours with family and friends to celebrate your incredible little milestone. I hope you enjoy today and each and every moment of the next year ahead.

With all my heart, love you forever and more.

Love mummy and daddy. xx

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