The annual clear the freezer ready for Christmas Day

Christmas is just a few weeks away, we’ve just bought the decorations for the house and the Christmas tree, I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping, so now what’s left is prepping my cupboards, fridge and freezer for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

I do a few clear outs throughout the year but nothing on this scale. We’ve already bought some things already, my cupboards are pretty stocked up at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll find a few things to add to them over the next week or so. I just need to start freeing up the little freezer to start stocking up for the festive days to come.

For us we don’t do a turkey on Christmas Day. I know I know, it’s not traditional and all that, but we’re not big turkey eaters, instead this year we’ll still be eating poultry it will Just be more of the cluck cluck kind. We’re having roast chicken and I’m glazing a ham too. Served of course with all the trimmings and somehow we’ve got to include marmite sprouts and roasties with that too. Thanks for that Facebook.

I like having a big clear out to see what I’ve been using throughout the year anyway. It’s good for the soul I’m sure. A bit of of a clear out must have something to do with feng shui, but I could possibly have made that up in my head! Decluttering anything is usually a good thing, so at least this makes me feel better, plus I can meal plan around it for the next week so that nothing is wasted!

Will you be decluttering your fridge, freezer and/or cupboards in preparation for Christmas?

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