Apologies for the radio silence

Apologies for the radio silence on this blog. I’ve been a little chilled out since my last post went out. Did everyone have a Merry Christmas?

Christmas was a bit of a mixed bag here. Last Sunday we went out for lunch with Sam’s brother and family, for a lovely Christmas lunch at Brewers Fayre in Margate, a review will be published in the next few days, keep an eye out. It was lovely. Even being at home dancing and singing away to Christmas tunes was a good craic in the evening, but the toothache in the evening provided a few days of hurt, ache, and pain. I really wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

Christmas Eve morning, I woke to what looked like me being punched in the face. I had a banging headache and what I initially through could be toothache, continued for the next 72 hours, a merry journey of pain, tears, little food, exhaustion and a few pissed off calls to 111 and DentalLine.

Dental pain at Christmas sucks, a lot. Sucks even more so if you don’t have a dentist, which we’ve been desperately trying to get in any list, since a whole bunch of dental practices closed earlier this year. Anyway, I really didn’t want to go to A&E, so thanks to some advice from friends on social media, a handful of pills and a lot of sleep, I’m back to myself, minus also always needing sleep. But who doesn’t love sleep?

A week later and I feel a lot better. A few pangs of pain in my mouth, but thankfully it doesn’t hurt anywhere near to the hell of elephant man face last week.

So admittedly, I’ve been crap doing anything beyond chilling with my family, enjoying walks and park visits, making yummy food, seeing some family and just enjoying the quiet from much online and social.

Which I do think is needed for everyone.

A little timeout anyway.

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