Going buggyless

Ok ok, I haven’t completely stopped using the buggy, but on the odd occasion, I don’t bring it out with me. Emily likes to explore, it’s good exercise for her and although I don’t do much without the buggy, it’s good practice for when one day I won’t.

On a few occasions, I’ve braved walking to Tesco with Emily, down the alley, to the park, then across the main road. Pop Emily in the trolley, her excitement at scanning produce, then cabbing it back home. Other times walking to the park, or just the shop. Admittedly I can’t do that much or carry much either, but she finds it so exciting, and it’s good to teach her the rules of road safety. Some may say she’s too young, but you’re never too young to learn, I think.

Last week, Sam, Emily and I walked to the park. Emily loved holding our hands as we swung her high up in the air. She had the biggest smile on her face. We crossed the road, walked down the stairs and she ran into the park. She wasn’t really interested in the park, it was extremely muddy and teenagers lazily listening to music, mumbling nothing, hanging in all the areas that Emily likes to frequent. But a walk around the park, out onto the main road, to Tesco, wining the absolute prize of a Lindt Chocolate Santa and walking home, meant a huge smile on her face. She was delighted, her park visit was an all-round trip.

I’ll admit, I’m not ready to give the buggy up just yet. Without a car, it would be mad to, especially with Emily’s need to nap everyday, she’s too heavy to carry! But for park visits, or to pop to the shop for bread or milk, I’ll leave the buggy at home.

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