Christmas Lunch at Brewers Fayre

When it comes to Christmas, it’s usually a family affair. Last year Emily was so small, Christmas was hardly an event as she was so ill that a get-together with Sam’s brother and family on Boxing Day was planned around hoping she wouldn’t vomit at the Holden Horse.

This year, our Christmas lunch with Sam’s brother happened a few days before Christmas instead. Months prior, trying to decide on a place to go that would work for all of us was tricky. Various restaurant names were thrown around, this meal was great, oh look that place has a great deal, but one thing kept playing on my mind. My birthday, as lovely as it was, still meant Emily was bored quickly, which also meant she was fidgety and wasn’t interested in having to sit still. But then, what 2yo wants to?

It was a no-brainer that Brewers Fayre in Margate would be the place to go.

Affordable, family friendly atmosphere, good food, nice weather, Margate beach and a soft play area, it made the most sense that that was the place to go for our Christmas lunch.

Situated right next to Margate station, with views overlooking Margate Main Sands, the family friendly restaurant is a hit with all ages for their views and pub food. Brewers Fayre Promenade even has parking, is wheelchair free, offers outdoor seating, an outdoor play area, as well as an indoor soft play area that you can sit in have food and drink whilst your little ones play.

Cod Tastic Bites with chips and a side of cucumber sticks

We had booked about 6 weeks beforehand. I emailed the restaurant manager, a very helpful lady called Heather, who took my order and was a delight to deal with. Comparing to most restaurant managers, she was a breath of fresh air, even when I made 2 mistakes in the emails!

Festive Rump Steak – 8oz Steak with a red wine sauce

What we ate:


2x Pate

2x Prawn Cocktail

1x trio of bites

2x Steak

1x festive burger

1x fish & chips

1x Turkey

3x Brownies

1x trifle

1x sundae

Festive burger – beef burger patty with Brie and cranberry sauce

Adele (7)

– Cod Tastic main, cucumber sticks, plus a nice cream for dessert.

Emily (2)

– Garlic bread, burger with mini corn on the cob, funny face ice cream and orange fruit shoot.

With a bottle of red and a bottle of white, a few pints of beer and a couple of cokes, the bill came to £129 minus tip. Incredible value for 5 adults and 2 children. The service was great and the food was good too. There was no fault to the day at all. Sam lapped up both mine and his starter and even though I had pre-order the After Eight chocolate sundae, I was so full up I couldn’t eat mine.

I have to say, I have been to Brewers Fayre in Margate on a number of occasions and it hasn’t disappointed food or service wise. Now that we’ve had our Christmas lunch here, it’s good to know it’s somewhere we could consider again in the future.

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