A walk down Government Acre

New Years Eve, we wanted to go on a little walking adventure. Christmas was mostly spent at home, with the occasional visit out, but we hadn’t done much together just the three of us.

After a little visit to the park the day before, shop and walk home without the buggy, a huge smile on Emily’s face, clutching her chocolate Santa, she enjoyed the fresh air as did we.

The weather wasn’t too bad on New Years Eve. It was a mild day, a little grey out but it was a good day for a walk. Probably not the best day if you’re looking for stunning views and maybe to catch a glimpse of France, but it’s a lovely walk favoured by many. We walked to Government Acre, with Emily in the buggy, which is only a 20 minute walk from our house. Popular with dog walkers, tourists and all ages, it either leads you to Pegwell or to the Royal Harbour and sandy main sands in Ramsgate. A place everyone should visit if you come to Ramsgate for a visit.

Government Acre, on the Royal Esplanade in Ramsgate, is on the West Cliff of Ramsgate seafront, is often the place to be in the summer with its events for all the family, like the famous Lark in the Park. Not to mention the stunning views when the sky is clear.

We walked down to The Stanley Gray in Pegwell, a pub that overlooks Pegwell Bay, which has some amazing views when its sunnier. Had a drink whilst Emily befriended just about everyone in the pub. I love this place so much, we’ll definitely be back again in a few weeks.

From there, we walked to the community orchid and Pegwell park for a play around. I love this park. The climbing frame is all at a level suitable for small children which works perfectly for Emily. We’ve been to this park on a few occasions with friends. I just like how hidden it is.

We took a leisurely stroll up Government Acre, Emily madly running after her ball and getting excited at just about every dog and puppy that raced around her. Even with the views being restricted, the smell of the fresh sea air is just what you need on a long walk.

The fresh air was good for all of us. I love it.

Emily ran for a good quarter of Government Acre before she called it quits. She funnily does this dramatic fall to her knees, when it’s been too much for her at the park. She fell to the floor and that was it. Blanket out, strapped into the buggy and within a few minutes, it was like she was shot and fell asleep. And it was a good nap. She slept for a couple of hours. My baby girl sure can nap!

Whilst Emily snoozed, Sam and I walked to the Queen Charlotte, a lovely little boho pub that serves craft beers, real ales, good wine, spirits and the odd cocktail. We’ve been here before for a friend’s birthday party, which was lovely. We’ve heard the food is great here, but not eaten here yet. It’s definitely on our to-do list for sure.

With Sam settling on a Stella Artois and I on a large white Sauvignon Blanc, we sat at one of the tables with their mismatched chairs, quirky signs, friendly atmosphere and a roaring fire.

Walking back home, the chill in the air was starting to pick up. We bumped into a few of Sam’s old friends on the way, toasted a drink to the new year, then made our way back home for a yummy dinner of steak and homemade chips. It was lush.

Amazingly, Sam and I stayed up all night until Big Ben chummed midnight, toasted to the new year with a glass of prosecco that was quickly poured down the sink (don’t judge, it was bloody horrible) and went to bed shortly after.

We had friends over the next day and slowly got back into normality and routine.

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