Our trip to Isleworth was lovely, but exhausting

A few days into the new year, Sam, Emily and I went up to visit my family in Isleworth, West London. It was great fun seeing my family and a few friends, but like any visit, it didn’t go without a few bumps.

Our hotel stay, was a nightmare one, but then, we really should have learnt after our stay in Bristol in the same hotel chain. The weather was cold, something matched with Ramsgate when we returned home and above all, absolutely exhausting.

Although seeing everyone was great, after Christmas, the new year and the weekend, it’s safe to say I’m exhausted. All three of us are. Sam is back to work tired, Emily can’t stop sleeping and I’m typing away bleary-eyed doing work and catching up with the mountains of washing- why is there always a shit load of washing?!

Now that it’s the second week into the month, work picking up, Emily starting her settling in sessions for her new nursery timetable next week, it’s safe to say, we’ll be taking it easy.

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