Why are their Easter Eggs in Tesco already?

It’s January right? Didn’t Christmas just happen? Although it does feel like some time ago now, it still only happened a few weeks ago.

So why on Earth, are there Easter eggs in supermarkets already? Easter isn’t until April. APRIL.

I was in Tesco the other day and doing my usual, what offers are there, browsing through the aisles and I saw the eggs on the top of the shelves.

What’s going on? That’s ridiculous. I sort of snort-laughed, with a side of Are you fudging kidding me? It’s not even the month for Valentine’s Day yet and you’re already jumping onto that bandwagon.

Can everyone just take a chill pill? The world has gone mad.

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  1. mxrshmallowqueen says:

    I’ve already ate 3 Easter eggs this year hahaha


    1. Ha, that’s amazing.

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