Food best shared with family & friends

The weekend before last we had family and friends over for Sunday lunch. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen everyone. Christmas was a quiet affair, we barely saw anyone. I think only now I’m slowly catching up with everyone of my own friends, everyone is just so busy cracking on with the new year.

The weekend was fun-filled catching up with friends, having a laugh. So it was nice to have everyone around to eat good food, drink some wine, have a laugh, catch up, chat and be merry.

This year, we should try and catch up with friends and family more. It’s difficult with our ever-increasingly busy lives, but I love getting people over and enjoying good food.

I made a bit of a feast. I always do though. Not sure if that’s the Irish in me but I tend to cook as if 100 people are coming over rather than just a few.

On Sunday, we have 4 friends over and of course loads of food left over which was made into various different dishes over the rest of the week.

I baked a Pineapple glazed Gammon, roasted a lemon & pepper chicken, lemon & pepper chicken wings, cauliflower cheese, garlic butter stir fry, peas, carrots, roast potatoes, a big pot of gorgeous gravy and homemade Yorkshire puddings. A feast fit for a royal party!

Followed of course by Galaxy & Malteaser Brownies with a big dollop of cherry ice cream.

Although I may be still exhausted from the weekend, seeing everyone was so nice. Emily enjoys it when we have friends and family over and it was a great feeling seeing everyone enjoy my food and the brownies as much as they did.

I hope we try and do more things together. Lives just get so busy and there’s never really any time to do anything. Days, weeks, months and years fly by far too quickly now. Hopefully 2019, we can try and see each other more!

The recipe for the brownies will be posted shortly. Keep your eyes peeled.

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