Birthday Cake bakerdays Review

Who doesn’t love cake?

Marie Antoinette once famously said, “Let them eat cake,” and cake we shall eat. I love cake, it’s cake! I don’t think you need much more convincing than that, but cake is a need, a must really for almost all occasions, not just celebrations and birthdays.

A few weeks ago I was asked to review a cake by bakerdays, who are a Nottingham based business, who specialise in personalised celebrations cakes for any occasion. They have a huge range of personalisation features, cakes of all sizes. And, if you prefer cupcakes, they do those too, if you can’t find what you want (the options are endless), their design team are more than helpful to help with your requirements. Their cakes come in all sizes, even ones that can be sent through the post, which is exactly that – Letterbox Cakes.

What’s even more fab, is that they last for around 2 weeks. Most supermarkets don’t offer that, I think I recall buying a cake for Emily’s birthday from Sainsbury’s last year and it had a few days left on the best before date, which annoyed me as I ordered via home delivery specifically for the cake, but never mind! You can’t freeze their cakes, but if you need to order ahead, bakerdays cakes, are perfect for that special occasion.

Each cake is handmade. No mad mass production here. Each cake handmade to the individual order. They use only the best ingredients, make their own buttercream using real butter to make sure each cake is of the very best standard. Even more, they offer gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, perfectly personalised cake options so that everyone can enjoy a slice.

Their cakes fit to everyone’s budget too which as a parent to a 2yo and having hosted many parties myself, finding a good cake shop or designer who fits the requirements I need, that doesn’t cost the Earth is important. Birthdays aren’t cheap anyway so finding a company that can tick every point off your list in time for the big day, bakerdays are the company you need.

It was my best friend’s daughters 2nd birthday last Saturday, so I arranged to have a bakerdays cake delivered. Clare decided on the cake and I ordered it with Adam, their very own cake designer.

Clare chose the Personalised Rainbow Pony Cake, with a traditional sponge for £14.99 and a picture of the birthday girl herself Scarlet. At £14.99, with six 4 star reviews, it should be noted it is small but the personalisation and design is great. Although Scarlet is a little too young to notice the cake herself, she will love it.

The cake is small, about the size of my hand. It comes in a cute little tin, that’s padded by little air bags and put through the letterbox. As requested, the cake was delivered to mine the day before the party with my mail by the postman.

When you order a cake from bakerdays, first you chose the design you want and depending on the cake, what type of sponge to go for. There were 6 options to choose from with the Rainbow Pony Cake – traditional sponge, lovely lemon drizzle, half chocolate/half sponge, dairy free sponge, gluten wheat free sponge and rich chocolate chip. A letterbox cake starts at £14.99 for 5inches but you can other sizes which cost more. According to Spruce Eats, a 5inch cake gives you 8 portions.

Scarlet’s birthday party was great fun and the cake was a good talking point. If you’re looking for a birthday cake that will provide a good talking point, is tasty, can be ordered up to 2 weeks in advance, fits right in with your needs, ticks all boxes on your event list, with a range of allergy free options too, then look no further than bakerdays. Head over to their website and have a look, good luck choosing a design, it can take a little time, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

They are also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest and G+ if you need any cakespiration.

Disclosure- I was sent the Personalised Rainbow Pony Cake for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and pictures are my own.

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