Tin Star is back!

The epic thriller featuring English actor Tim Roth has returned for its second series on Sky Atlantic. Same as the year before, you can either download all now to watch as you please, or watch it week by week. Tin Star, if you’re not sure, is a slang term for a sheriff in the United States, but after last season, I think Roth has lost the privilege of that title!

Last season, we saw how Jim Worth (Roth), a former British detective now small town police chief, of the tranquil town of Little Big Bear, looking for a better, quieter life. When a vast new oil refinery, fronted by corporate liaison Elizabeth Bradshaw, played by Christina Hendricks, opens nearby, Little Big Bear

The epic thriller starring Tim Roth returns for its second series, as Anna offers her father a chance at forgiveness when she tasks him with saving Pastor Johan Nickel, the head of a family who have taken her in, from destruction.

If you haven’t watched it, do. If you didn’t like it, there’s something wrong with you, and if you are loving it, tell me!

This part drama, part thriller, dark comedy series is brilliant and it really really wouldn’t work without the awesome Tim Roth. What a ride!

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