Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire

A couple of weeks ago it was my friend’s daughters 2nd birthday. Emily had a great time celebrating her friend’s birthday, but she also loved the soft play area that was hired for the afternoon.

The birthday girl enjoyed it, Emily enjoyed it, and so did all the other children who attended. Amongst all the colours, soft furnishings, endless soft play Lego bricks, disco ball pit, the other ball pit, the skittle bugs, bouncy animal things and endless foamy stuff, you couldn’t make head or tail if the noise coming from the children was pure happiness, excitement or laughter.

Clare had hired the soft play set up from Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire, a family run business based in Sheerness, but caters most of Kent on request. They say “We are a proud family run business supplying Affordable Fun & Exciting Soft Play Hire Equipment to all children age 5 years and younger.”

Trying to decide what to do for any child’s birthday can be really difficult and expensive. It’s that one time of the year you want to make it really special without breaking the bank. With the current costs of just about any toy available, it’s no wonder birthdays cost how much they do.

If you’ve got a toddler or primary school aged child, chances are you’ll spent at least a quarter of your weekends at a soft play area of some kind. Usually chaotic, loved by kids and loathed by parents in equal measure. Some parents turn their heads at the very idea, but if you detest the thought of having a birthday party at a soft play centre, shared with a tonne of other kids of all ages, hiring a company that does it all for you with various options on offer, might just be your answer.

You can leave that anxiety and waking moments of worry behind and just sit back and watch your child enjoy the area amongst your family and friends children. None of that awkward chatter with other parents, or uncomfortable unenthusiastic small talk, or patrolling the area like a hawk in the night.

The cost of doing it at a play centre is a little different to doing it yourself. Usually there will be some sort of package on offer at a soft play centre. This usually where includes food and drink for X number of children within the 2 hour period you have booked for, but you have to pay for little extras like birthday cakes, party bags and decorations. It should be noted though, you will very likely be spending your child’s birthday party with other children’s parties too.

Hiring a soft play company for your own private hire, has a price tag but at least you know what you’re getting. Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire, run by Michaela takes pride in having nice clean toys for children to play with, something you won’t find at most soft play areas. If you’ve read the customer reviews, you’ll see how much fun each parent and child has with her experience. Whilst hiring Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire, or any soft play company for that matter, it should be noted you’ll only pay for the soft play hire, not the hall or area the party will be in and all other extras like food, drink, entertainment, music, birthday cake and more, will be your expense to cover. There are packages to suit all budgets though and whatever you chose to do, it’s a guarantee your child will have a great time.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your children entertained for a birthday or party, look no further than Michaela, you really won’t regret it.

Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire, their website is currently under development but you can find them on Facebook, contact them on +44-7450220314 or email Michaela at

Bonus, if you live in the Kent area, Cushion Fun Soft Play Hire has an amazing competition going on her Facebook page. One lucky winner could be in with a chance of winning a whole soft play package set worth £100! There’s still time to enter, Just head over to her Facebook page and click on the link. Share with your family and friends. This is one opportunity you don’t want to miss! Just click on this link for further details.

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