Dummy no more?

Photo credit: Miss Chilis Photography

At Emily’s nursery, in her toddler group, dummies are forbidden. Plenty of times I’ve dropped Emily off with a dummy in her mouth as she refuses to give hers up and I pick her up and she’s without it. I’m fine with this. After all, a dummy limits a child’s speech and that’s the last thing I want.

Emily’s has her dummy since she was a few weeks old – around the time I stopped breastfeeding. Interesting my family were split on their feelings about dummies. My mum, horrified I even had considered it, has been anti-dummy since the beginning of time, whereas my aunt, has always favoured the idea. It’s not surprising you’ll receive conflicting advice about dummies, something I’ve heard mixed views and opinions since Emily was small.

Now, with Emily at nursery and speaking more, I fear her love of the dummy, maybe stopping her from speaking more and pronouncing certain words. Although Emily’s still only 2yo, she knows a fair few words, I fear the dummy may be interfering with her speech, making some words unclear.

I want to start to banning the dummy, unless it’s nap or bedtime. Something that can be used as a temporary soother that will soon be gone out of her daily habits.

The thought is slightly terrifying, I’ll admit. Emily loves her dummy. She finds a comfort in using the dummy, but I have a reward chart in mind to help with this process.

Eek. Wish me luck!

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