Emily loves to get into the groove

They say if you want to influence your kids music tastes, you should get in there early. Emily has loved music since my she could kick in my tummy. Sam and I have our own tastes in music, and although broad, we have always shared our passion for different music genres with Emily. Due to our taste in music, Emily doesn’t favour just one genre, which is great. But whatever the tune or beat, she sure loves to get in the groove of things. It doesn’t matter what song, where she is, who she’s with, if a song comes on, you’re sure to find Emily getting into the groove with it. She loves her music.

Recently, I read an article on Huffington Post’s website, that a study commissioned by streaming service Deezer, found any influencing of your kids music taste need to start by the time they’re 10 years of age. Dads are more likely to try to shape their kids music taste (78%, as opposed to the 69% of mums), but mum is a more successful at it, with 38% reporting the kids love the music they shared with them, will only 30% of dads managed it.

I’ve noticed when I’ve gone out, the soft play areas, restaurants, shopping centres, Tesco, the park etc, that children already have an openness to new music. I can’t tell you right now what Emily’s music preference is, she is only two years of age. But thanks to our taste in music, she has always listen to a variety of genres. We could if we wanted really try to influence the type of music she wants to listen to but I don’t think that’s fair. Whatever she wants to listen to, she can, her interest of music is up to her.

Emily absolutely loves music. She loved it ever since she was teeny tiny. Ever since she could move her feet, not even being able to physically walk, but lying in her little bouncer, her little leg would kick to the beat of whatever would be on the TV. She loves music so much, that my little Sony Bluetooth sound bar, is often taken on a little guided tour, and used as a music apparatus to sing along to, or for her dollies and teddies to play a part in her singing and dancing.

I’ve noticed how emotionally attached Emily gets to music. We have watched programs where singers have a deep connection with a song and Emily has shown such an emotional interest, she shuts off from me, the world and her surroundings and really feels each part of the rhythm. I find it fascinating and beautiful to watch.

Does your child love music?

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