Emily tried a ballet class and loved it

Last Thursday, a few hours after nursery, Emily and I went to a dance class trial at the Star Dance Academy in Minster. It was a free trial session, as seen advertised on Facebook a few months earlier and something I had been thinking about doing with Emily for a while, but a little hesitant.

The Tiny Toes dance group is 30 minutes long and aimed at toddlers keen on learning ballet. It was great fun and Emily loved it. The fully qualified professional and fun dance school is run Sarah Louise, a trained dancer, who teaches children of all ages a variety of dance classes from ballet, street, modern and tap dancing.

We went with Clare and her daughter Scarlet, and Sarah & her husband Jamie and their daughter Poppy. The music, colour clothes, coloured silicone mats and ribbon-wands were part of the fun and although at times our girls didn’t pay attention to Sarah, once us parents got involved, the fun started, alongside a lot of laughter. It’s a bit of a workout but great fun.

30 minutes fly bye pretty quickly but Emily crashed not long after (she usually naps around the time the class started) and she really enjoyed it. It’s definitely something I’m going to keep up as it’s an activity she can enjoy and progress with.

Sarah offers a whole host of other great classes too. Have a look at her Facebook for more information.

Dancing for children is a healthy form of self-expression. I mentioned in a previous blog post how much Emily loves to get into the groove of things with music and I love how she just gets up and dance whatever the genre.

There are obvious benefits of dance being part of your child’s life. It can reduce obesity, it’s a fun source of exercise, it can help maintain a balanced lifestyle, it can increase confidence and development skills, and there are plenty of other health benefits to. What’s also great about dance is that it encourages a creative Mindanao gets them away from technology and screen time. Emily loves to dance, she gets so much joy from it, it makes her so happy and inspires an imagination that will continue to grow. I love it.

Young children are naturally active, but using dance in their physical activity makes use of their muscles and helps them to properly develop. On top of it being a good source of exercise, dance and any other physical kind of group or class, help young children learn to socialise with others, expressing emotion comfortably in front of others and gives them a great way to explore different sets of creativity and emotions.

What you need to know:

  • The dance academy is run by Sarah Louise
  • There are a range of dance classes to suit all ages
  • Lessons are currently £5 per week per child on a PAYG basis but this will change from April’s half term

If you’d like to try a free trial lesson with Star Dance Academy, then please email Sarah via contactstardanceacademy@gmail.com or visit her Facebook page. Your child will love it!

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