New wave of sick is here, when will it end?

I’m seriously over this weather. Since the beginning of this year I’ve had 4 colds, 3 head colds, 1 chest infection and 7 sore throats. Bah. It’s so shit.

Now as I prepare to go up to Isleworth for a work event, getting Emily’s and my stuff ready for the journey, I blew my nose and have just recovered from a spell of extreme dizziness (don’t blow your nose that hard peeps, it’s not pleasant).

I’m just so over this weather. I think I’ve written about two or three posts about being sick and the shitty weather a few times already this year.

I just want spring to happen, actually sod that I want summer to come. I’m just so over feeling sick, or Emily being sick, or Sam being sick, heck everyone being sick.

It’s just really fucking annoying.

Every time I speak to anyone, someone has some form of cold, infection, flu, anything that just makes them feel like shit, and no one is safe from it.

So, with March drawing to a close, April just over a week away, can we please just stop with this weather?


Love from everybody xx

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