We’re going to London for Easter

Emily and I are up in London for Easter this year. It’s my mums 60th and fingers crossed the weather will be nice for us to all enjoy our time meeting friends and family.

It’s a weird one this year for so many different reasons. It’s our first time spending Easter without Sam. It’s the first anniversary of Sam’s mum, Emily’s granny who sadly passed a year ago on the 20th April and my mums birthday happens to be the same day. Easter this year will be a weird one for a lot of us.

Sam’s staying at home whilst we’re in London. We’re up from the 17th April to 21st April. A pretty long week for all of us being apart. I don’t think we’ve been apart this long since Sam went to France back in June 2016.

Around the work meetings, catching up with friends and family and celebrating mums birthday with an Easter egg hunt thrown in, i hope the sun comes out and joins us. It’s been so up and down recently and a little depressing. The crappy weather has played havoc on everyone’s health and it’s really tiring having ongoing sniffles that has nothing to do with hay fever!

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