Thanks to Chlobo for this amazing cake!

A few days ago, it was my mums birthday. But not just any birthday, it was the big 6-0! Like any big milestone birthday, trying to decide what to get for the special person, alongside how to celebrate their special day can prove difficult. And with mum, it’s a nightmare trying to decide what to get her the best of times, but a big birthday like this one, wasn’t much easier!

But, after much deliberation, I finally decided on her birthday present. I can tell you she loved it very much, bonus!

Presents, celebrations to be had and more planned and countdown to the big day was on its way, but what next. Cake? There’s always room for cake. Except mums a little difficult to buy for even in the cake department. I know, I know, Cake is cake, but mum is quite particular about cake too.

Thank God for Cakes by ChloBo. I used to work with Chloe’s partner Damien a few years back when I worked for The White Cross in Richmond. Damien, of Damo as everyone called him, talked often about his girlfriend Chloé who baked cakes. I had on a few occasions tried them myself and had always been happy with what was on offer.

Since I’ve moved to Ramsgate, hiring Cakes by Chlobo to male anything would be extreme as I’m too far away, but in this instance, I was not and I really pleased I hired her to make the beautiful cupcake bouquet for mums special day. She sent the list of cake flavours I could pick from, asked how many cupcakes I wanted in a bouquet, the colours I preferred and patterns I’d like for the flower detail too.

I can safely say the 7 cupcakes made 6 people very happy and who knows who’ll fight over the last in the fridge or if it even made it to the fridge. All I can say is, if you’re in the South West London area and are looking for a baker who can provide exceptional cakes for your special occasion, please don’t look any further than Cakes By Chlobo.

Need to know:

Cakes By Chlobo

Chlobo is Chloé, a bespoke cake maker in Richmond, SW London. Specialising in freshly baked goodies for all occasions. Including Gluten Free cakes and Dairy Free cakes.

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