It’s happened, cot bed no more!

We’ve done it. We’ve taken the leap.

Fair enough, Emily wasn’t exactly abseiling down the side of the cot or pulling a Bear Grylls whenever she felt like it, but our big leap day with the cot was all down to, space.

It might seem barmy to most, but taking those cot sides down have made a huge difference in the way Emily is sleeping. She barely wakes in the night for milk, or a mummy just happy as pie sleeping in her bed.

Ok, so, no, she doesn’t technically have a lot more space than normal, but it’s amazing how dropping both sides can improve space awareness and allow a better sleeping night.

Who knew?

So, whilst I shouldn’t jinx it, hopefully the last few weeks of night terrors and more has gone and left the building.

Here’s to sleeping better!

At last!

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