It’s happened, all night sleeping has finally come

A few days ago I wrote about how Emily is now sleeping in her big bed, after we took the sides down to her cot. As if by magic, sleeping in her big girl bed means Emily sleeps all night. Who would’ve thought it? No more waking up in the middle of the night for milk, or crying out with night terrors, just a deep sleep for my little girl.

It seems mad, but in the last few days Emily seems to have just jumped a step. A mini leap as it were. She starting to say a lot more words and she was saying just a week ago, she is more interested in involving herself with group activities at nursery and she just seems a little more grown-up than last week.

I hope this all night sleeping thing is here to stay. She seems so much more bouncier. But whatever happens next, I’m loving that she’s keen to tell us more about it. Here’s to my little grown up girl.

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