This ridiculous weather is playing havoc with my skin.

This last winter has been tiresome. Whilst all four seasons going wild in the last few months, Emily being up and down with every temperature, cold and fever going, I can’t begin to tell you, I’m so over it and just want summer to arrive.

Whilst the weather tops and turns, it’s also playing havoc with my skin. Not only is it dry, my psoriasis has decided to weave its way back. Argh! Not what I need. I’ve never thankfully experienced terrible psoriasis but some areas of my body, in particular my elbows, scalp and legs have been affected. At the moment, it just seems to be my right elbow that’s really bad and has been for a few weeks. Because of this, I’m using thick creams to moisturise my skin and it’s gross. Of course sunnier weather won’t particularly help my skin, what with the heat and all, but climate can have a big effect on psoriasis. For many people, cold, dry weather makes symptoms worse.

I really hope summer comes soon, for all our sakes. Even this crazy weather is taking its toll on everyone and I’m pretty sure everyone is getting fed up with it.

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