Dannii “the list” strikes again

Ok so it’s like an ongoing joke that that I’m a bit organised. Which is almost laughable, because those who knew me a few years back will know, I was very much the opposite. Since I’ve had Emily, managing time has become such an important part of my life, I need to write lists so that I can tick off what I do as I go. It’s turned me into the organised freak that I am today.

With work getting busier, being on top of everything is a necessity. As I write this blog, I’m actually writing a list for my day and have ticked off 3 points already. Go me!

Sam often thinks there’s something wrong with me. Definitely doesn’t help with my endless lists, meal planning, general planning, day planning, month planning and whatever else I like to add to the itinerary that is my life, but it’s normal, right? Being organised? I find myself more productive, well, that’s me anyway.

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