Should I buy a tablet for my child?

It’s a topic of conversation that’s been floating around this house for months now. More so since Emily has found a fondness for my iPad and Kids YouTube. Whilst she mainly watches Oddbod videos or those that teach about colours and numbers, it’s hard to do any of my work when a 2yo keeps trying to take the iPad!

I am part of a growing number who allows their youngsters to be on phones and tablets. No my daughter doesn’t own a phone and even when I do decide to buy a tablet for Emily, she won’t be storing it in her backpack and on her bedside table.

Emily uses my tablet for preschool programmes and essentially early learning, sometimes using it to giggle her way through an OddBods episode.

But, it must be known I regulate the amount of time Emily spends on the tablet. I don’t think there is a problem with children using tablets if there’s restrictions and parental blocks put in place, but I do think a tablet helps when we’re in certain social situations that I need Emily to be distracted. If we’re out for dinner or on public transport, having the iPad there helps as a good distraction from wanting to run riot.

What are your views on tablets of young children? I’d love to hear your views…

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