Farewell Stair gate, nice knowing you….

We did it.

Well, Emily did it.

She figured out how to open the stair gate on more than one occasions, so it seemed pointless keeping it.

So that’s it, Emily, 2.5 years of age of Ramsgate, Kent has officially got rid of the stair gate, so we now don’t have a stair gate at the bottom of the stairs anymore.

Sam took it off on Friday and it feels really weird. It’s been an asset in this household since Emily was a few months old. We’ve had many memories of the time we’ve had it- Emily standing at the bottom of it calling up for one of us and then surprising me one day in the shower, which almost, admittedly gave me a heart attack, because how she figured it out, at this age- she’s not silly!

We won’t miss the frustration of each and every family member or friend who for love nor money figured out that you put one finger underneath the press the button and “lift,” or the swearing as Sam stupidly misjudged the height and nearly broke his toes trying to hope over it.

Ah, it’s a weird feeling.

Onwards and upwards and all that.

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