Review: Dreamland’s Baby Sensory’s 10 Year Celebration

Last week, Emily, Clare, her two children and myself went to Dreamland in Margate. As part of Dreamland’s half term entertainment, Dreamland Margate was celebrating with Baby Sensory Thanet for a special 10 year anniversary event.

The event aimed at babies and toddlers, had a host of fun free activities for all the family. With singing, Guinness world record attempt, meet and greet with underwater explorers the Octonauts, music, singing and much more, it was a great opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun.

Dr Lin Day, child development expert and founder of Baby Sensory, said “What a wonderful way to celebrate a whole decade of Baby Sensory in Thanet. I started with three parents and babies in my first class and before I knew I had 180 babies attending my classes, we set up the nationwide franchise in 2006 and the rest is history! Congratulations to Thanet for wonderful years!”

Although no doubt a great event to those who managed to get a sneak peak of what was going on, I didn’t think it was organised well.

  • For a start, the Baby Sensory event was in a small part of the green area by the stage, which was of course surrounded by a couple hundred parents, their children and a sea of buggies.
  • We couldn’t get past and see what exactly was going on because of the sea of people.
  • We missed Captain Barnacles of Octonauts, catching just a glimpse of him as he bopped away in the distance.

We didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the sensory event, this was the first time that Emily got to experience dreamland as a toddler. Fair enough she was too young and too small to go on any of the rides, but she was amazed by all the lights, colours, music, toys, and the endless fun that other people had on the rollercoaster.

The sunshine may not have been out for all to enjoy, but before the rain came and joined us, it was a good afternoon seeing the thrill that everyone experienced on the different rides.

I’ll admit, the 23 year old me would totally be up for all the rides that brought the thrills, the 33 year old me would probably shit myself.

Emily and Scarlett may be a little bit too young to enjoy any of the rides now, there are a few rides that are probably suitable for their age, I can’t see Emily jumping at the chance to go on them any time soon. Saying that, in a few years should be all over dreamland like a rash. Only a 11 minute journey on the train from Ramsgate, 30 minutes on the bus or a 15 minute car drive from home, it’s not too far for some fun just minutes from Margate beach.

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