We’ve finally got an NHS dentist

I’m sure you’ve read in recent months the big change up with dental surgeries in the Kentish area. A lot of counties have seen an increase in dental surgeries closing down which has proved a nightmare for most people. Our dentist in Ramsgate close last year with just a few weeks notice given. In total Ramsgate saw three surgery is closed down, with roughly 20,000 patients without a dentist. Because of this trying to find another dentist has been a nightmare. Waiting lists are barely open an hour or two until it’s completely filled up. But, thankfully I have found us an NHS dentist.

What’s most of my friends have had to contemplate with going part private in order to stay close to home, I have registered Sam, Emily and myself to an NHS dentist in Canterbury, on a provision of a month waiting list to see the dentist for our first appointment. It’s not ideal, being a 45 minute journey but I’m thankful we managed to get a dentist full stop. I think at one stage there was a suggestion of Ashford, and how would that even work?!

Going to the dentist is never fun, but I do want to make sure we’re in good hands. I was recommended our new dental practice so I hope they’ll calm my nerves when we do end up going – I’m a nervous dental patient.

It also means, Emily can be seen properly. I have had private treatment and thankfully the lovely dental nurses have checked Emily on the occasion she’s come with me so I know her dental health is up to scratch but it’s good to know we’ll all have a proper dentist to see without worrying when we’ll get treatment for something.

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