Why I’m a little in love with BAOBAO London

For the last year I have been drooling a lot over food accounts on Instagram and one that has always captured my attention, has always been Taiwanese restaurant BAOBAO London at BoxPark in East Croydon. After our visit, I’ll definitely be going back.

For those of you who don’t know what this treasure of a restaurant is, should go without question. There’s BubbleTeas, Bao buns, curries, Taiwanese fried chicken, amongst many many many great dishes to tickle every inch of your fancy.

Bao Bao London has everything you could possibly need from a Taiwanese experience and more. The staff are very attentive, the decor is spot on and the food, oh my, well the food is just amazing.

We went up to Croydon for the weekend on what was possibly the hottest weekend on record in 2019. Dear God it was hot. That type of heat that came with no breeze so people manly walked around drinking a lot of water and fanning themselves.

Emily wasn’t a fan and I’ll admit, I wasn’t either.

Not to be confused with the Bao restaurants who have a few locations in central London, this delightful little restaurant is based at BoxPark Croydon and a popular place for BubbleTea’s for all ages and their wide choice of foods. Owner & manager John is a huge hit with the locals and masses of customers who visit.

Just a 20 minute journey from London Victoria and less than a 2 minute walk from East Croydon station, this restaurant gives you everything you need for that Taiwanese experience.

If your mouth waters for slow cooked braised pork Bao, you have to go here. It’s divine. The cumin lamb appears to be people’s favourites too. Sam loved the cumin lamb, the flavours were amazing.

Thanks to John’s recommendations he brought out a selection of foods to try and they did not disappoint! The Taiwanese fried chicken was simply stunning, a close second after the pork Bao. That coating was perfect, the chicken – juicy and succulent, perfectly matched with the miso dip.

Our selection of foods were brought out like a tapas. Similar to the idea the Spanish have with their tapas, BAOBAO London has many stand-alone dishes that compliment each other and your palette perfectly to give you the ultimate foodie experience.

What we ate

  • Taiwanese Fried Chicken
  • Classic braised Pork Bao
  • Cumin lamb Bao
  • Prawn rolls
  • Fried mushroom
  • Tainan braised egg
  • Smacked cucumber
  • Sesame spinach
  • Golden Kimchi
  • Chive and Chicken Dumplings (Served with XO Sauce or Sichuan Chili Oil)

Washed down with 2 amazing BubbleTea’s, 2 beers and 2 BubbleTails (their amazing cocktails).

If you want to drool over some of their glorious dishes, have a look at the full menu here.

Drooling whilst I think about it.

Need to go again.

Why you need to visit BAOBAO London

Travel: 18 minutes from London Victoria, 2 minute walk from East Croydon Station

Cuisine: Taiwanese

Famous for: BubbleTea, Bao and fries that taste like doughnuts!

Price: from £4

Rating: ✅✅✅✅✅

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