It’s summer, don’t ever forget wet wipes!

I made the terrible mistake of forgetting wet wipes the other day and my god it was an afternoon of water pouring over the side of the pram and praying we were closer to home whilst Emily bathed in her stickiness, oblivious to my panic.

Before I had Emily the need for wet wipes never were needed, but since I’ve had her, I think I have an anxiety attack if I don’t have at least 2 packs of wipes on me. I don’t care what anyone says, no one uses “a” wipe when they’re clearing up the mess associated with a child.

It’s not possible.

It doesn’t happen.

The end.

They get so messy. For anything and everything.

Like the time they ate that ice cream and it was the hottest day of the year and it melted all down their hand, leg and all over their outfit whilst they looked at you with utter disgust that their ice cream decided to melt within 2 seconds of daddy buying it. Or like the time they did a pooplosion and you still don’t know how such a small human being can shit that much and it’s everywhere so you just frantically grab as many wipes so you don’t risk getting it on yourself or them getting it more on them. Or that other times they decided to cover their face with so much felt tip, you wonder why they can’t be that creative on a bit of a paper.

See, wipes are a god send.

Thats the only thing I really need to say about them.

I’ll admit when Amazon Subscribe & Save notified me that they won’t be supplying my wipes anymore the thought freaked me out. I mean I can just go to the shop and buy wipes but 18 in a box every month seems just normal to me. We don’t go through that many but I definitely need the back ups for the moments when I do.

Here’s a big cheer for wipes, for always being there and providing the quick needed help that is parents need for our little ones.

Oh and for the odd dusting. They definitely help with that household hack too.

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