Thank God for our new door, Emily can’t try her escape artist antics at home!

Who knew a door could bring so much happiness?

Yes you read that right, I am ecstatic that we have a new front door. The last few weeks I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn and waving off Sam goodbye as he goes to work. To be honest I haven’t minded the early mornings, but the uncertainty with a broken front door, I hated.

A chunk of money later, and possibly the second hottest day of the year yesterday, we got our brand new front door fitted. And not one mini lock and chain in sight!

Ah, I like our new door. It’s so clean and shiny.

But the main reason why we have a new door is because of the security that comes with it. Not going to bore you with why anyone needs a front door because that’s pretty bloody obvious, but our toddler is well known to be a bit of an escape artist and having a door that can be locked is a god send when we’re at home.

Anyone who knows us, and knows Emily, will have experienced at least once in the time of knowing us, her constant mission to be free. At any moment, wherever we may be, if Emily is not in the pram, she is trying to escape somewhere. She tried a few weeks ago at our fundraiser, not once, not twice, but four times trying to get out and luckily I had a friend stop her in her tracks.

Emily is a child of the no fear generation. Which she doesn’t get from me, I blame that all on her father. But until she learns that running out into danger isn’t a great idea, the front door with its ability to lock inside, is a huge sigh of relief for us!

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