Growing pains, you suck!

As if a viral infection, teething and a hoarse cough just wasn’t enough for Emily a few weeks ago, how about her body throwing in some growing pains into the mix?


A few weeks ago whilst dealing with a viral infection that Emily picked up from god knows where, her feet started to hurt again, which swiftly came with a good old pinch of leg pains too. It just wasn’t her week.

It was upsetting, unpleasant, agitating, stressful, frustrating and came with a lot of tears.

No one likes to see their little baby in pain, and that double whammy of viral infection and growing pains, was just shit. It was a huge blow for her. The viral infection made her really unsociable, she was sent home from nursery, wasn’t in the mood to plan with anyone, often getting upset at the idea of play, and then every evening and night the growing pains on top of teething would come in and ruin the day.

Last year we had a similar problem with how much growing pains hurt her. It was horrendous and even meant we had to go to the GP a few times to convince there was pains and a visit to the hospital, where the doctors were convinced it was an allergy and I was possibly making it up.

And here we are again, they’re back with a vengeance and she’s really not happy.

Why do growing pains effect some kids more than others?

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