We took Emily swimming and she loved it, she’s our little water baby

Emily loves the water in almost every activity she does.

Even when we took her swimming as a baby, she loved it. But the place we went to take her swimming the temperature ducked off after a few sessions and it was too cold to keep at it.

Last month we took Emily swimming one Sunday. I’ve always loved swimming. As a child I swam for my local swimming team and everyday after school I was in that pool swimming. I loved it.

Now, although I don’t swim as much, living by the sea, it scares me there’s so many children who don’t know how to swim. It should be a necessity down on the coast. Saying that, wherever you live, you should know how to swim.

Now that I actively go to the gym every week, twice a week I take Emily swimming. She loves splashing around in the water. But I also want her to know water shouldn’t be feared. I know a few people who fear the water and it puts them off wanting to know how to swim. I don’t want Emily to feel this.

There are swimming lessons for children from the age of 3 and I’d like to get Emily involved. They’re never to young to start and you’re never too old either. At least for now we can have fun in the water, learn water-safety habits and enjoy it whilst also gaining the confidence she needs.

If you’re looking to get your child into swimming, have a look here at your nearest swimming pools.

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