I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year…

Emily’s 3 in December.

That thought alone reminds me that time flies.

It’s crazy to think it’s the last few years have flown in a blink of an eye. But with Emily turning 3, it’ll also mean Christmas will come with excitement, for the first time. Whilst last year she enjoyed it, she wasn’t sure about the whole thing. Her little confused face as we came downstairs to toys that Father Christmas brought.

Since then she’s grown up. Whilst she’s very much our little girl still, she’s so much more in tune with everything, including Father Christmas.

This year we can do the whole build up to it. Visiting Santa at the grotto (without confused faces), put the tree up together, put her stocking out, get the milk, biscuits and carrots ready for Santa and his reindeers and wake up in the morning ready for the big surprise!

Not to mention baking, plenty of baking.

Who else is excited for Christmas?

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