Does baby brain still happen 2.5yrs later?

Is this just me or anyone else still carrying on with baby brain a few years since having their child?

I’m genuinely interested.

If not, I’m still cruising with it and I have no idea why!

Before I had Emily I heard everyone talk about ‘baby brain,’ where new mums had the ability to completely forget certain things from their pregnancy and birth. For me it still continues and whilst most may say it’s not a real thing, it most certainly is. I’m not saying I’m completely forgetful, I have my army of lists to help structure and better time manage my day, but I do sometimes forget the odd thing, or even my own stupidity on the odd occasion!

Do I have baby brain because my life is much busier than before?


I don’t know.

I can’t explain my reasons for odd baby brain days, but thankfully it’s not just me! Sam has those days too.

Let’s get this straight for a second…

The last few years have flown. Like super flown. Time just doesn’t seem to exist in my world anymore. Whether it’s just because of going from bump to newborn, to toddlerhood, my life just seems busier, even with my work life thrown in.

My mind is constantly ticking.

Even when I’m asleep, I dream about things happening, so switching off isn’t really a thing I do unless I’m in a coma-like deep sleep.

But every day even with work time-managed throughout, it’s always a rush. Whatever the task I feel like I’m set against a timer. I suppose that’s what happens when it’s you and you little sidekick.

But don’t you ever get that underlying feeling that there’s just never enough time, for anything?

So maybe it’s not baby brain at all. Maybe I’m just forgetful in my own bubble of time loss.

Anyone else experiencing baby brain, or am I just out here on my own?

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