Soft play on rainy days – what fresh hell is this?

Soft play.

It’s two words dreaded by parents but loved by children of all ages. It’s a bizarre place where adults take their children in a desperate bid to exhaust themselves.

This is what I did on Sunday. It chucked it down Saturday night and continued to do so throughout the morning. With mum down for the weekend, trying to entertain Emily or going for lunch would be a bit of a nightmare until one of Sam’s friends said the dreaded word “Bumblebees.”

Don’t get me wrong, out of all the soft play areas in Thanet, Bumblebees is the biggest with plenty to do, which Emily loves, but the idea of doing it on a rainy day, could only mean one thing – madness.

And it was.

We arrived just as it opened. We queued, before Emily disappeared into the sea of children. And that was it.

I saw her maybe twice in 2 hours. Once for a drink and the second for lunch.

And then swoosh. Gone again.

It helped. It most definitely helped when it came to doing something in the afternoon but still, I couldn’t do it every weekend. Apparently half term is worse, but I avoid that hell of a trip and wait until kids go back.

But, like all soft play areas, they do the one thing that nowhere else can during the rain to young children, it exhausts them. And whatever your thoughts on soft play, that’s the one thing you cannot fault.

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