I’m having another clear out..

This must be my 15th clear out this year.

But it’s all for that reason.

Whilst we are not exactly struggling for space, I fear that all the furniture that we have left in the house it’s become a dumping ground for random crap. There is shit everywhere.

Letters, keys, random trinkets, cards, odd toys, odd socks, odd whatever, it’s just piling up, and for what? To be shoved further back into the bookcase of black holes? Nah ah.

So I’ve decided we don’t actually need all these books and DVDs, and the rest. The DVDs can go to the charity shop and the books, the ones that are worthy of keeping, will go into a sealed box and put in the attic, the rest will also join the DVDs down the British Heart foundation in town.

This space can be used for something else. To be honest, I’m not sure what for yet, but with a better organised self, the place will look a little less cluttered.

All in time for Christmas, maybe.

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  1. Sandra says:

    Good luck in your clear out!


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