I’ve nearly done all my Christmas shopping

Yeah I know what you’re going to say, but it’s not that terrible that I’m that organised is it? I fear I’m way more excited than Emily. But then I suppose, she’s not even aware it’ll be happening soon, apart from I suppose the few retailers shoving Christmas in our faces.

There’s a few reasons why I’ve nearly done it all. It’s not down to the fact that I might be mad, although I think Sam thinks I am anyway, but beyond the over-organised freakoid I’ve turned into the last few years, it’s because of space and I want to make sure I have every area covered.

And of course the expense.

It’s always such a costly part of the year.

Starting Christmas shopping early should never be frowned upon in my book. Trying to compete with high street prices is usually at fault the closer you get to the most magical time of the year.

Although, most children seem to get over what they want in a matter of weeks. A lot different to when I was a child.

Thankfully most of the children I’ve bought for, I’ve already liaised wit their parents or got things ticked off a little list with the help of Santa’s elves. But as a Emily gets older, same with her friends, I won’t hesitate on jumping on the gift card parade of gift-giving. I don’t fault that type of present anymore in this constant changing world where children demand the latest present but change their minds every few minutes.

Until then, it’s wrapping, bows and cute little Christmas bags.

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