It’s been a mad few weeks hence the reason I’ve not written…

Apologies for the radio silence, it’s been a mad few weeks since my last post on here. We’ve had a few hospital trips, a few bouts of sickness and a lot of moaning about the weather.

It’s just been hectic. And whilst all is ok now, I just haven’t really found the time to sit down and write. Actually, it’s not just that. I think I lost my writing mojo for a bit.

I had plenty to write about, I just didn’t know how to write it and at some points, even know if it was worth writing anything.

Those moments have happened often. Not sure why but I just get into a ‘I don’t know what to write’ mode, when my head is buzzing with so much stuff and then bosh, deflation. Pure deflated ‘I don’t know what to do from here,’ type mood. It’s annoying but I blame work in recent months.

Over the summer I took on a few full time clients and whilst it was great fun to work with new brands and new industries, it was almost too much. That’s a lie, it was too much.

I was ridiculously stressed, my anxiety was over the moon, my mood was temperamental, I was snappy, tired and couldn’t seem to cope with these over-the-top hours, not to mention, keep the house looking half decent, be a full time mum to Emily and a normal girlfriend to Sam.

But, since parting ways, I felt it was the best for me, Sam and Emily, my stress levels have dropped a huge amount and now I have a lot more free time and it’s been a little weird. Whilst I’m still working, with Emily enjoying nursery, my more time for me, has been a little surreal.

I’m not really sure how to feel about it. I seemed to have wanted more free time and swoosh it happened and then my brain just thinks and then stupid worry kicks in and I feel a bit all over the place.

Which has played a huge amount in what to write and share with you guys. No one really wants to read a ramble post (if this is that to you, I’m sorry!), but putting pen to paper has been difficult and up super early (about 4am most mornings), I wasn’t sure what to write or how to write it.

But here it is.

I promise I’ll find a little time to write every week. I enjoy it, I’ve just not done it. But, I have so many plans and things I want to do, it would be great to share it.

In the meantime, have a great Sunday. xx

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