Could this nano sticker be the end of headaches and decrease mobile phone radiation?

There’s been lots of talk about 5G in the press recently as the 5G mobile network has been switched on in some areas across the country. The 5G network, same as any of the previous cellular technologies rely on signals carried by radio waves, part of the electromagnetic spectrum, transmitted between an antenna or mast and your phone.

It’s probably not something you think about a lot but we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation from our televisions, to the radio signals as well as our iPads, tablets and mobile phones.

With 5G using higher frequencies than before its no wonder most people are talking about how this latest technology could pose a threat to the environment around us and our own health.

I admit, before seeing the news and the endless articles about it online, I wasn’t that phased about electromagnetic radiation and how it can affect our surroundings. Now that 5G is getting closer, questions start to swirl, could this be the reason for my headaches?

In the last 6 months, I’ve been having a lot of headaches, more than I’m used to. There could be many reasons why I’m having these headaches. Most of my day I am glued to my iPad and mobile phone screens. We live in a day and age where technology is like a limb, so being without my phone or iPad, I can feel lost at times. As I work from home, if it’s really light outside I don’t have the lights on, so that could play a part too.

It’s been common knowledge for years that radiation from mobile phone can delay and reduce sleep. The Independent on Sunday in 2008 suggested that regular late night mobile use by teenagers may even lead to mood and personality changes and problems like that ADHD.

My causes of headaches and eyestrain could be down to the long hours I spend on my iPhone and iPad, with the tv in the background. These all can be associated with exhaustion, lack of circulation and eyestrain which can cause headaches as well. I have worked from home for the best part of five years now, so lighting and technology use has never really caused much a concern in regards to headaches or eyestrain. I did however blame my headaches on the fact that I needed to get my eyes tested again.

Whilst painkillers seem to keep the pain at bay for a short period of time, I’ve been looking at ways to keep my headaches away in the long term. To be honest, I’ll try anything once if it could help. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a brand called OneShield who’s nanotechnology sticker for mobile devices can offer up to 97% protection against cellphone radiation. At first I was a little bit sceptical. Let’s be honest here, a nanotechnology sticker with all its fancy words attached is still a sticker in my eyes. But, I was willing to give it a go.

I received a sample of the nanotechnology sticker in the post. It is exactly like any other sticker, except it has a shiny reflective surface that shows the OneShield logo.

 I applied the sticker to the back of my phone. As you can see my alignment skills isn’t as good as I thought. The sticker is pretty with it reflective pattern but when applying be careful, once it’s down it’s pretty hard to remove without a little help.

I have had the sticker on my phone for a little under a month. In this time, I haven’t had any headaches. I don’t know if this little sticker has played a part of what, but I’m willing to think it could have played a part. I haven’t changed my diet, or drunk more water or gone to the gym more. No actual part of my daily routine has changed much beyond adding a sticker to my phone and hoping to see a difference. 

But it has made a difference.

I know the sceptics will say different, I know they will have some opinion about how I must be imagining it. But, I did try something different and this seems to have worked. It is probably difficult to imagine how an EMF protection sticker or shield, with its various technologies embedded inside can help an individual offering a physical barrier between the source of radiation and my body but for my headaches, it seems to have worked. And for that I’m really pleased.

What is OneShield?

Founder Mo Garson was introduced to a 12-year-old research project on harmful torsion waves. Their research has not been commercially implemented so they’ve applied to develop this nanotechnology sticker which can be used to protect a person against the effects of dangerous technogenic radiation on the human body.

This OneShield sticker has been assessed in a blood test study run by Dr Gottried Scholer and his team in Austria. The results confirmed the effectiveness of the product in combating the harmful ways emitted from technology and cancelling the negative effects on the human body.

To find out more information about OneShield and to buy it online, visit their website.

I was gifted the nanotechnology sticker by the team at OneShield to review.

All views and opinions are my own.

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