Sunflowers and Smiles

A couple of months ago with what seems like an eternity, the weather was glorious. For a few days there was some really harsh days of rain, so it was nice that one afternoon able to go out in a light sweater and enjoy the day. It was also the perfect day to visit the sunflower field in Broadstairs. My friend Maz, the photographer, has suggested we go and take a few photos with Emily, as an overdue summertime photo shoot that we had arranged a few weeks prior.

The weather was glorious, stunning in fact. Quite surprising to see that early October the weather could be that warm. Which meant we didn’t need coats, we could walk around in just t-shirts and enjoy the scenery.

It was also the perfect opportunity to get a couple of beautiful pictures of Emily.

We’ve known Maz for a few years now. She’s a close friend. She did a beautiful photo shoot of Emily a few weeks after she was born. It’s funny how quickly the years have gone and also how much patience a child of 2 has against a baby of a few weeks. As we found out, hardly any.

Emily’s patience for all things happy, sunny. Sunflowery and photo, lasted about 20 minutes before she just about had enough.

No more mummy.

That’s me done.

But we got some amazing photos and even though my pudding chops had enough just before the end, the results were amazing.

Thanks Maz!

If you’re looking for a photographer in the Thanet or Kent area, look no further than Maz. She caters for all of your photography needs and even does a selfie mirror which is great for a barrel of laughs at your special occasion. Visit her website or check out her Instagram for more information.

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