Rolled Lamb breast, seriously what is that all about?

I was in Asda a few weeks ago, and I saw two rolled lamb joints that took my fancy. I’ve never made rolled lamb before, but I was definitely up for the challenge. But what on earth?

There’s me thinking lamb is lamb. Lamb mince is lush in a shepherds pie or lamb Kofta, lamb steaks are a must with lashings of gravy and a leg of lamb is perfect slow roasted with a rosemary and garlic sauce. So I didn’t think much of a difference rolled lamb would be to the usual dishes I cook. Even with a little google, people talked about their love of the meat but it was a tricky one to cook. I followers a rough guideline and the smell coming off it was amazing. It smelled delicious, it looked delicious but it was so fatty.

I don’t really know what went wrong for me. I have friends who said it’s absolutely divine, but it was like a fatty skin bit. Which that’s what it is. Chicken breast is meaty, but rolled lamb breast is actually skin. If I had researched that bit a little more I should have cooked it like aromatic duck.

If cooked right this meat, even though ridiculously cheap and underrated, could probably be amazing. But if I cooked it right.

I didn’t, and I should have researched the cooking process a little more than going on a whim but never mind!

Have you cooked rolled lamb breast? If so what’s your favourite recipe…I’d love to know!

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