I have done my Christmas Shopping. There, I said it.

Let’s settle this now…

It’s never too early to start.


10 years ago, I think I would of waited until 7pm Christmas Eve, to drag myself to some hell of a high street and just do it. A rush buy for all the family.

Fast forward to the beginning of December and I can safely say I have done all my Christmas shopping. I’ve already sent up Christmas gifts with my mum for those who’re living in London. In a little over a week I will send up Christmas presents to Sams oldest brother who lives in Bristol, just to be safe that they get there in time.

I know it sounds mad to some people, but being prepared is a must for me. I like to budget and research what I buy so that everyone is covered, not to mention, make sure that I have all the gifts ready for when my mum can take up some family gifts to London around the weekend of Emily’s birthday.

But it’s done now and I have now nothing to worry on the present side until the day itself. All I have to do is sort the food for Christmas Day and prepare myself for London in a few weeks.

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

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