And just like that Christmas is over…

I can’t believe Christmas has been and gone and we’re just a few days away until 2020. Seriously, how fast has this year gone?

It’s been a great Christmas with family and friends, but I’ll admit, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. It’s that weird part of the year in between Christmas Day and New Years Day where you can’t remember what day it is and keep stuffing yourselves with leftover foodie and dessert bits, oh and drink endless glasses of wine, because “fuck it, it’s Christmas,” seems to be the only phrase used ever.

But, this weekend was lovely. We had friends over on Friday eve for a honey roast ham and yesterday we had Sam’s brother & family over for the last christmasy do of the year. It was great, filled with lots of food, drink, games, dancing and music.

Fun for all the family, even if some of the games got a little too competitive!

And Christmas can’t be Christmas without a feast for all to eat. I cooked, of course, Sam doesn’t cook in this house, he loves to wash up though. I did a honey roast ham again (we’ve had so much of it this year, but it’s been so tasty, I don’t care!), with festive chicken (filled with cranberry sauce and bousin cheese, wrapped in Serrano ham) – I would’ve taken a picture but food flew off the kitchen sides far quicker than I could imagine when served – roast potatoes, honey roasted squash & carrots, Brussel sprouts, squash & bacon with a side of pork & apple sausages. It was a feast. And delicious. If I do say myself.

It was a lot of fun, but that’s it now.

Christmas is now done.

This whole festive period and 2019 has flown by.

Seriously, it’s gone quicker than I expected.

Quicker even, than last year.

How was everyone’s Christmas?

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