How is my child 4 in just a few weeks?

I’m hyperventilating.

Or losing my mind.

Seriously though, my child turns 4 in 2 weeks and I feel like the last few months, the biggest changes have happened and I don’t know if I’m ready for it yet. It’s been a big year for so many reasons but it’s flown and I don’t know if Im ready for this next step.

Ok, yes, all us first-timer parents go through it but dear God did it have to fly around this dam quick?!

We’ve got rid of the dummy – thank you Dummy Fairy 🧚‍♀️, you did good!

The buggy & car seat were given away this weekend and we agreed, Emily & I, that she didn’t need her gate for her room anymore, she felt very ready for it to go.

I said “yeah” and it not being there pinged me with a bit of upset.

But, I didn’t realise until this morning how much of a big step that was. For me, more than her. Emily seemed to skip past it. She woke up and walked straight out. Me, I insisted she’d give me a cuddle and stop please just for a moment, because she’s growing up too fast.

She’s not needed the gate for a while but she insisted that the blanket goes everywhere when she sleeps, so it’s been a safety net for a while.

In 2 weeks time though, she’ll be FOUR years old.



That’s a terrifying thought.

She wanted to be measured yesterday and she’s grown half an inch in less than a month. We’re applying for schools now and I feel like my breath hasn’t caught up with my mind. It’s fucking terrifying. I’m not excusing that ‘ F’ letter here! It is fucking terrifying.

I can not believe, that in just a few weeks she’ll be four years old. I also cannot believe the last 4 years have flown.

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