I bumped into a friend from my childhood and she lives in Ramsgate too!

How’s this for a little bizarre…. a few weeks ago, in church, a lady walked in and I instantly recognised her. Her shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and that laugh, I knew who she was, no need to start searching Facebook to remind me of her name, I knew who it was straight away….

Feed your child how you want, boob or bottle, mother knows best.  

There’s a lot of talk in the press at the moment that women who breastfeeding are slowly dying out, becoming such a rarity that it could stop all together. I don’t breastfeed Emily, but before you pass the judgement book, I stopped because I developed thrush and fuck me it was painful. Emily wasn’t getting…

The best parent memes 

Parenting, it’s a funny old thing. Here’s some of the best parenting memes around… 

My mum is down this weekend, I’m so excited 

My mum is coming down this weekend. It’s so exciting. The last time I saw her, we promised we’d go up to Isleworth every months for a few days and see the family but unfortunately life gets in the way and that didn’t happen, that was March. Crazy home much time has passed since then….

My maternity is drawing to a close

This year is flying. Is it just me or anyone else feel the same? Emily is 5 months, it’s May, MAY, summer is nearly upon us and in just a few weeks, it will be officially a year since I moved from my hometown to Ramsgate. Woo! Time has gone too quick! Waaaay too quick….

Mummy meet-up app’s 

Social media has grown rapidly in recent years and thanks to social networking sites, there are so many different ways for people to connect. With this, times have changed with the ways mums can connect. I never realised how hard it is to make new friends when you’re pregnant until I moved from SW London…

Last Birthday as a single unit before Missy arrives

So this weekend my mum and her partner Leon came down for the weekend to celebrate my Birthday, which is today. It was great seeing my mum, having exceptional weather, doing a bit of exploring, eating lots of lovely food and cuddles, all whilst I’m a single unit before Missy arrives in 5 weeks &…