Trying to shift the baby weight

They say you should eat 3 meals a day, eat 5 pieces of fruit and 5 pieces of veg a day, washed down with at least 2 litres of water a day. The thing is, realistically as a new mother that’s pretty far-fetched. When Emily turned 2 months old, my diet had got better, I was eating at least 2 meals a day but I would always forget to eat lunch and feel pretty crappy by dinner time. So I’d often snack to keep my energy levels up. There would be days where I was surviving on a lot of tea and chocolate when she was born to a few glasses of squash, a lot of tea, some chocolate (or brownies or cake if I’m on a baking mission) as she slowly grew up,  I’d try eat a good lunch but that’s rare, mainly remembering to feed Emily properly (she’s on formula) and kind of fitting my diet somewhere in between. She’s now 5 months and I still weigh a lot (81KG the last time I checked), have managed to get my 3 meals in a day but the snacking is still a nightmare. I walk, a lot though, that counts for something, right? Not being able to drive and being one of many parents in my town that relies on public transport when the weather isn’t great or that Tesco shop for milk and bread turned into a mini supermarket sweep, but that’s really not enough. I need to up my exercise routine. Sam says my body is fine “Dannii, you did carry a baby in your tummy for 9m,” but for me, I’m just not very fit, my back hurts a lot and carrying this extra weight is taking its toll on my body. I need to motivate myself and try and lose weight and tone up by summer, especially as we’re going on holiday in September.

So I’ve decided to lose weight, but not in one of those quick fix type ways that I’ve done so many times before. No. I’ve decided to set myself a goal and lose a stone (at least) by the time we go away. Four and a half months shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  Hopefully by documenting my experiences with these diets (will take a few tries before I find the right one that suits me) and I’ll write a post on here. Feel free to laugh or join in. Fingers crossed this works. 

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